SLEEP 2011 Medical Conference in Minneapolis, MN

National Sleep Therapy will be traveling to the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS) SLEEP Medical Conference in Minneapolis from June 11-15 to launch its Point of Care Sleep Therapy process that substantially increases CPAP compliance. The company has developed a novel approach to providing sleep therapy equipment and long-term patient engagement that has resulted in CPAP adherence of 88.5%, significantly higher than the industry averages. National Sleep Therapy will be meeting with leading sleep physicians and sleep centers to demonstrate its advanced processes and technologies.

Advanced Methods Increase Medicare CPAP Compliance to 88.5%

Current Medicare policy regarding CPAP adherence requires patients to meet a minimum level of machine usage within a fixed 90-day trial period. Many commercial payers are adopting similar standards. These rigid standards include a minimum threshold of therapy hours per night over a contiguous time period.

What is Sleep Apnea and How Can it Affect Your Health?

Watch this Clinical Education Series video, from National Sleep Therapy: "Body Basics".