Expert Shares Common-Sense Tips for Better Health, Sleep

Tim Mills
Tim Mills says, ‘Find your motivation and everything will fall into place.”

Four years ago, Tim Mills’ doctor told him during a routine physical that his cholesterol was “through the roof” and he was a “ticking time bomb.” That was the wake-up call he needed. That day, the 30 year-old father of two pledged to turn his life -- and lifestyle -- around. “I wanted to be around to see my kids grow up,” he says.

With that motivation, Mills lost weight (45 lbs. in 6 months), exercised regularly, and changed his diet. He dramatically lowered his cholesterol and eliminated the need for meds Now a highly-regarded nutritionist, fitness guru and motivational speaker, Mills was the featured guest on the July edition of ‘CPAP Chat’ where he shared his story and his common-sense guide to helping others find better health and fitness.

Mills’ philosophy is that you’ll stick with a diet and exercise plan if you like what you’re doing. He told CPAP Chat participants, “Don’t eat out of boredom, habit or peer pressure. Research ingredients and aim for more protein and veggies. Avoid the ‘diet cycle’ where you start on a Monday, then cheat a little, and cheat more each day until you’re back to your old habits.”

“When it comes to exercise, make it fun, things you like to do so you don’t dread it. Start simple and work your way up: Walk instead of the elevator, take a walk at lunch, park farther from the store entrance. Walk your dog faster. Most important, get your heart rate up for 15 straight minutes every day. Addressing those with sleep apnea, Mills tied better nutrition and exercise habits with a better night’s sleep. His tips are available on his website (

Mills suggests that most people just need motivation to change their habits: “I have two small children who count on me and I need to be healthy. No one on my father's side of the family has lived past 60 years old. I am going to break that trend!”

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