MA Sleep Study Centers Close Unexpectedly

Sleep Apnea Patients Left Wondering About CPAP Machines & Supplies

Sleep HealthCenters, A Massachusetts-based supplier of sleep services & CPAP supplies, abruptly closed last week.  Patients of Sleep HealthCenters were greeted with signs on the doors and a notice on the website:
“SLEEP HEALTHCENTERS IS CLOSED FOR BUSINESS. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have ceased all clinical and testing operations.”

19 Sleep Centers Close

The Company had 19 sleep centers in MA, RI and CT. Eleven centers were located in Massachusetts, some inside major medical centers. In addition to sleep studies, Sleep Health Centers supplied patients with CPAP supplies and equipment.

Primarily A Sleep Diagnostics Center

Sleep HealthCenters was first and foremost a sleep diagnostics center, and second a provider of CPAP equipment and supplies. The centers included an infrastructure to support over-night sleep studies including the physicians, technicians and staff and patient room to support the sleep center.

New Insurance Requirements For Sleep Studies

Insurance companies now require sleep studies to be done in the patient’s home, resulting in a dramatically reduced cost. It appears that Sleep Health Centers is the first company to fail as a result of these cost cutting measures.

 CPAP Users Now Looking For A New CPAP Supplier

Unfortunately, thousands of CPAP users who need periodic replacement of CPAP supplies, and medical follow up will be looking for new physician support and for a new provider of CPAP supplies immediately.

Helping Sleep Apnea Patients In Massachusetts

National Sleep Therapy of Concord NH can immediately provide all sleep apnea patients in Massachusetts with their CPAP supplies. National Sleep Therapy carries most brands and styles of CPAP masks and supplies.

About CPAP Supplies

Patients with sleep apnea must replace their CPAP mask, CPAP headgear, CPAP mask cushions, CPAP hose, and CPAP filters on a routine basis. A CPAP user should find a provider who can automatically ship the CPAP supplies they need and bill their insurance company or Medicare directly.