Pumping Iron Legend ‘Big Mike’ Katz to Discuss His Career and His Sleep Apnea on CPAP Talk-Live!

‘Big Mike’ Katz still has Arnold Shwarzenegger and Lou (‘The Incredible Hulk’) Ferrigno on his speed dial. The three bodybuilders met during the making of the 1977 niche classic Pumping Iron.

About 10 years ago, Katz was diagnosed with sleep apnea and now, at age 70, depends on his CPAP machine for the deep night’s sleep his big frame needs. As a client, he now sports National Sleep Therapy on his speed dial as well. (www.nstherapy.com). Some 20 million Americans have sleep apnea -- but most have yet to be diagnosed.

Katz will be the featured guest during the next free group virtual support session, ‘CPAP Talk –Live!,’ – everything you wanted to know about sleep apnea -- set for Wednesday, February 4 from 7-8 pm (ET). The town-hall-style forums are held at the same time on the first Wednesday of each month, sponsored by National Sleep Therapy. In recent months, enthusiastic CPAP users from 10 states have joined in the monthly sessions. (To participate: Just prior to the session, call 1-800.204.6655, enter access code 342-2187#.)

Katz, who played for the N. Y Jets with Joe Namath, was a former Mr. Olympia bodybuilding champ. Today, Big Mike hasn’t slowed down much. With his son, he operates five fitness studios in Connecticut, sticks to a tough exercise regimen, trains fitness clients, and speaks on behalf of Special Olympics and youth fitness. (He was a high school health education teacher and earned advanced degrees in the field.) Most important, he makes time to enjoy his grandchildren.

He says, “It takes a bit to get used to wearing the CPAP mask at night, but it’s worth the effort. I don’t want to shorten my life or sleep through my grandkids’ childhood – waking up when they’re 16, wondering where the time went.”

“CPAP Talk-Live!’
is hosted by National Sleep Therapy President Eric Cohen. He says that, besides snoring, a symptom of sleep apnea is chronic fatigue. Ignoring that can exacerbate high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and/or weight gain, as well as lead to highway or workplace accidents. Untreated, lack of deep sleep can lead to a lower quality of life and even a shorter life expectancy.

Interested individuals may also send questions in advance either via Facebook or using the cpaptalklive.com registration form

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