CPAP Outcome Score (COS), Our New Sleep Measurement

Sleep therapy compliance is the key to improving your health and your life. National Sleep Therapy is developing a new and easy method to assess the efficacy of CPAP therapy in a way that is relevant to patient outcome and lifestyle improvement. We are calling the new method CPAP Outcome Score or COS. We believe success should be measured by more than the isolated metric of usage hours.

We can see from our collected data that relying solely on usage data does not provide a holistic picture of patient outcome. Many patients use their machine, but not all are deriving the best possible benefit. The COS we are developing includes PAP usage, AHI, and qualitative assessments such as the ESS and Fosq10. The COS can be used to indicate patient outcomes and drive proactive intervention. For example, in a recent NST study of approximately 500 NST sleep apnea patients on therapy, 75% were scored as successful and not requiring intervention, 16% as successful but should be monitored, and 9% as needing intervention. This identification process allows us to give patients the best chance of improving their health and to do so in such a way that is cost effective and efficient for the treating physician.

The COS is as exciting for the healthcare management industry as it is for the physician and patient community. As you know, ACO's, CMS, and most insurance companies are looking to control costs and improve outcomes. Compliant patients require fewer hospital stays and less medical intervention. Some studies suggest a savings of over $3,000 per sleep apnea patient per year.

The CPAP Outcome Score and its development is the focus of our presentation at SLEEP 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts on June 9-13. The ultimate solution will take more study and development, but we think we are moving in a better direction than just looking at compliance solely as a result of therapy hours. We welcome a dialog with interested clinicians on this subject. Please share your thoughts in the comments. Better yet, come see us at SLEEP 2012 booth #826 for a full demonstration of how sleep physicians can use this new approach.

Read the COS white paper.


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  2. I'm glad you're finding the National Sleep Therapy blog to be a good resource for information on Obstructive Sleep Apnea and CPAP therapy. Our company has a strong focus on patient education and support which is part of the reason our patients have the highest compliance rates in the industry. Our innovations in advanced patient care methodologies, like this new CPAP Outcome Score, is the other reason.

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